“When I reached out to Jill, I was broken and battered. I am a nurse who has been working on a Covid Unit since the pandemic started and my mother-in-law died of Covid this past spring. Jill has taught me how to take control of my anxiety and fear. She is easy to talk to and is a very thoughtful listener. She uses her years of training and expertise to guide me toward identifying ways I can cope with life’s challenges. Jill has provided me with caring support and resources to begin my journey toward healing and self care which I continue.” – S.M. in Wallingford

“I am the founder and owner of a very hectic business in New York City. If it wasn’t for the ongoing counseling sessions and guidance I received from Jill Bachman through the last 5 plus years, it would have been impossible to balance my work with the needs of my family. Jill has counseled me through the loss associated with coping through the death of my father. She helped me navigate complex relationship issues with my mother and son who are demanding of my time. I have work with varied professionals through the years but I have never worked with anyone quite as skillful and insightful as Jill. I wholeheartedly recommend choosing her as a professional counselor.” – A.F., Fairfield

“When COVID induced anxiety was disrupting my sleep and other aspects of my life, Jill Bachman gave me the tools, the direction and most important, the affirmation that I needed to reduce my anxiety and make it manageable. I use those tools now to address anxiety whenever it is caused by any factor.” – A Peaceful Person in Wallingford

“I saw Jill on and off over a two year period where we struggled with infertility issues, got ourselves in a good place to begin IVF, and prepared to become parents. She quickly gained a lot of insight into us as individuals and as a couple and really helped us figure out how to be okay with everything. Later, Jill gently but firmly encouraged me to get help with postpartum depression, and then, helped me become a happy and productive mommy. My husband and I are very lucky and grateful to have had such easygoing, non judgmental and loving support as we experienced these life changing events.” – J.G and D.G, Fairfield, CT.

“Over the years I’ve tried many different therapists along with different types of therapy. I’ve never felt like there was much progress which led me to thinking it would never work for me. I gave up looking until a little over a year ago. I was chatting with a friend who told me about Jill and how her methods helped relieve the day to day stress my friend was going through. I decided to call the office and schedule a meeting. It was tough, I was so stressed out, so many emotions bottled up.  Here we are, a year later, still working together. I feel like I have made so much progress even though I’m one tough cookie! I was very set in my ways and I feel like Jill has opened my eyes to other outcomes and responses. A lot of my friends and family have noticed huge improvements with my levels of anxiety, anger, even my communication patterns! I cannot thank Jill enough for her work. I always look forward to our sessions. Thank you! – SK Wallingford

“We were always reluctant to go see a therapist. But, after having 2 miscarriages then finding out our much wanted baby with our 3rd pregnancy had a fatal birth defect, we knew we needed something more than family and friends ears. Jill Bachman provided that ear. She not only listens, she is empathetic, is able to ask the right questions and knows how to comfort you when in need. She not only got us through the most difficult time in our lives, she helped give us the strength to get through another pregnancy that finally gave us our dream of a healthy baby. Jill was able to counsel us both as a couple and as individuals, which helped facilitate our decision making process as well as how we communicated with each other during this most difficult period. There are not enough good things I can write about Jill, only to say that infertility and pregnancy loss are one of the most isolating experiences, there are very few people that can truly understand, and Jill is one of those people.” – EM and RM, Fairfield, CT.

“Jill worked with me to develop strategies to help me cope with my divorce. She was optimistic, empathetic, and helped me to focus on future plans instead of dwelling on the past. I especially appreciated her emphasis on the family and the books she recommended as a supplement to our sessions. I was able to transition to the next phase of my life thanks to my work with Jill.” -CS, Milford, CT.

“Jill is a wonderful resource and counselor for those individuals and couples who are struggling with fertility issues and/or considering adoption. I was thrilled to have Jill present to the Adoption Network Group I run on several occasions. Jill’s expertise and passion was obvious – but it was her warmth and dedication to wanting to help that left the couples/ individuals wanting to speak with her more.” – Kelly Campbell, Founder – Adoption Network Group, Trumbull, CT.  

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